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Default Re: Does Evolution Make Bad People?


"Does Evolution Make Bad People?"

-I don't think external influences can change people.
Education, environment, dominant culture, or TV, peer pressure, scientific theories..etc have no effect on people, i know it sounds strange but i believe it's the truth. For example, if Hitler was born and raised in another country, would he have shown a more gentle nature? what if Hitler and Martin Luther King switched environments!

I tend to believe that everyone is inclined by nature (which depends on his initial choice of God or no god) to be drawn to either evil or good. Which means that the theory of evolution, the rotation of the earth as well as all the mind control schemes don't work except with the wicked.

As for the righteous, put them in the worst environment and i believe they will not be polluted by it even in a thousand years.

That is not to say that we don't have to fight the wrong theories, and evil environments.

For the truth about evolution, feel free to read this article by the messenger Rashad Khalifa,

Evolution: Devinely controlled

P.S: I am not affiliated with the above website.
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