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Default NASA Researchers Prelims Suggest LIFE ON MARS?

Two NASA researchers are reporting strong evidence suggesting that Microbial life forms may exist on Mars, hidden from view in caves where pockets of water

The significance of this news as related to prophecy involves the ET question. Now that science has "found" life elsewhere, surely intelligent life also exists and
surely "intelligent alien life" or "ETs" have visited or are visiting Earth now. The New World Order crowd has been the controlling force on the subject of UFOs
and ETs.

On one hand, the NWO crowd has promoted the con-cept of ETs and space exploration in Hollywood movies and the speculation by some NWO watchers is that the Hollywood SciFi projects were deliberately designed in order to "condition" humanity towards the notion of ET's and other bizarre notions such as cloning, time travel and interdimensional travel such as the very popular TV series "Stargate SG1."

On the other side, UFO reports have been squelched by the NWO-order controlled news media and by govern-ment investigations which are themselves squelched and rubber-stamped as "above top secret."

Keen Prophecy Watchers have noticed this dichotomy. Those of us who've watched both the UFO phenomenon and observed the growth in movie production and popu-larity of the Sci-Fi genre for a long time (at A-O we've been monitoring,studying, investigating UFO activity since 1965) have noticed that the two are orbiting in direct opposites but have strong linkage to the NWO.

Furthermore, we've picked up bits and pieces over the years from NWO flunkies and leaders indicating that the NWO has "something up their sleeve" with regards to the UFO phenomenon, hence the reason for the periodic boom in Hollywood SciFi movies and TV shows. There are indications that somehow UFOs will play some role in the arrival or early beginnings of the Antichrist. Of course, we know that there will be some sort of unident-ified aerial activity as Jesus Christ and His conquering Heavenly Hosts appear. It may be for that purpose that they are conditioning the human race only with a twist. That twist being that the invading armies of Jesus Christ are "aliens" coming to destroy Earth as opposed to saving it. It could also be the explanation in their hip pocket to explain away the rapture of the Church.

So, with word coming of possible biological life-forms on Mars, plus intense outbreaks of UFO sightings around the world, unidentified phenomena in outer space, and more NASA probes beaming back pictures giving evidence of "intelligent civilizations" out in space on Mars (face on Mars & Cydonia) as well as the moons of Jupiter and Saturn suggesting intelligent life, plus the mainstream news media beginning to broadcast TV documentaries on UFOs suggest that the NWO has something up its sleeve and may soon bring it out into the open or expects something will come out into the open soon.

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