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redrat11 wrote:
BlueAngel wrote:
RedRat said:

"My "suggestion" for Nicole is to drop her case against the Illuminist, Marshal family fortune, (for her saftey) and her newborns safety."

Why would you say that?

In Peace,

1 dead son and 1 dead Mom, any questions? You don't really think a 'Elitist" family like that would let a tramp get away with megabucks like that do you? Oil Money stays in the "family"! :-)

P.S. and remember there is still one of her children alive, for how long, that will remain a mystery, after all the baby stands to inherit all the money. :-?
Actually, RedRat, NO, I don't have anymore questions.

So, you post a suggestion to Nicole on this forum to drop her case. Did you think she would come to this site and read it? I guess she didn't as it doesn't appear that she heeded your warning.

Very low of you to refer to her as a tramp. Afterall, I wouldn't consider Illumnists any different. Far worse, IMO.

As far as her death and her son's death. It is an example of what these PIGS represent.

Power and greed at any cost. Human sacrifice, such as the war in Iraq, doesn't make them blink an eye.

Thanks for the refresher course, but I'm sure
you realize I UNDERSTAND what the "CABAL" is all

In Peace,

As far as her surviving child, there isn't much any of us can do about it.
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