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I appreciate your insights. Certainly, science should be employed in the reverential examination of Creation. However, we must not bestow ultimate epistemological primacy upon science when attempting to understand the machinations of nature. To do so is to fall into the trap of scientism, a form of epistemological imperialism that attempts to reduce all things to quantifiable entities. Of course, any system of quantification is finite and, thus, must preclude all factors that outstrip its measurement capacity. As The Report from Iron Mountain illustrates, this category of precluded items includes those things that make us human. Allow me to elaborate with a quote from the document:

Previous studies have taken the desirability of peace, the importance of human life, the superiority of democratic institutions, the greatest “good” for the greatest number, the “dignity” of the individual, and other such wishful premises as axiomatic values necessary for the justification of a study of peace issues. We have not found them so. We have attempted to apply the standards of physical science [emphasis - ADDED] to our thinking, the principal characteristic of which is not quantification, as is popularly believed, but that, in Whitehead’s words, “…it ignores all judgments of value; for instance, all esthetic and moral judgments” (The Report from Iron Mountain, pp. 13 - 14, 1967).

Thus, a purely scientific approach can potentially banish "axiomatic values" to the realm of metaphysical fantasy and result in the rejection of human freedom. Paradoxically, it is human freedom that science relies upon for innovation. Only the mind that is free to think may be habitually inventive.

Moreover, scientist should be willing to investigate the possiblity of incorporeal forces. The materialist paradigm, as Antony Sutton made clear, has stultified science. This is particualr true in the area of alternative energy, which has been largely marginalized. The result has been a civilization with an unhealthy dependency upon oil. Meanwhile, cleaner and more effective forms of energy are ignored.
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