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Default Re: About the Great Brotherhood of Light

SeC wrote:
About the Great Brotherhood of Light

>>>>In the 1830's the Lords Kuthumi and Hilarion launched the Spiritualist movement designed to enlighten the western world, gripped in the fear and pall of death, that there is indeed no death. People in the Far East and India already accepted this fact for centuries while those of indigenous societies possessed a natural gift to communicate with the dead.<<<<

>>>>The only way to convince the concrete western mind that there is no death was to have them speak directly to the dead. <<<<

What is the Great Brotherhood of Light?

There are three levels of the Brotherhood as explained below:

Level I: The Hierarchy of Illumined Minds

The Hierarchy of Illumined Minds is a group whose telepathic powers enable them to be sensitive to the mind currents and to register the thoughts of those who personify the Mind of God, the Universal Mind. They have the power to work in and with all thought substance beyond our planetary body. These illumined ones carry out the ideas of the Divine Mind and are in telepathic rapport with the planetary Brotherhood responsible for the planetary conditions in the solar system, and comprise the Great Council Shamballa, a spiritual center beyond earth. They are in immediate telepathic rapport with each other.

Level 2: Hierarchy of the Masters

The Hierarchy of the Masters is an inner group of Masters, such as Sanctus Germanus, that works telepathically with their disciples in spirit and those in incarnation. Their main objective is to guide their incarnate disciples and initiates into the light of their own souls.

This Great Brotherhood of Light is thus a community of advanced souls who are swept by the desire to serve, urged by a spontaneous impulse to love, illumined by one pure Light, devotedly fused and blended into groups of serving Minds, and energized by one Life. Its Members are organized to carry out the Divine Plan for earth.

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My, my, SeC, you feel the need to "let it all loose" out in the open for the world to see. This Great White Brotherhood. :-?
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