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Default Re: Articles you might find interesting.

Third article is excellant.

Empiricism is not so much about the colonization of land as a complete colonization of the mind.

It's a Borg collective of Jung's combined consciousness. And we can't forget the little green guys and thank them for all their help - scientology.

Apparently, this life and this world is nothing to do with God but a creation of science alone. WTF mate?

"In other words, science or "knowledge" becomes the instrument by which the "illuminati" re-sculpts reality. It also becomes an epistemological weapon against the minds of men, wielded by the proverbial Descartean "evil demon." This was the central precept of Weishaupt's Illuminati and the conceit of the Technocracy today: God was not in the beginning, but evolved from Man in the end. According to this conceit, Man could recreate Eden without the God. It comes as little surprise that sci-fi predictive programmer and British intelligence asset Arthur C. Clarke commented: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.""


"Of course, preparations must be made for the humanity's comfortable acclimation to this new "hive mind." Cochrane writes:

The report says the abilities are within our grasp but will require an intense public-relations effort to "prepare key organisations and societal activities for the changes made possible by converging technologies", and to counter concern over "ethical, legal and moral" issues. Education should be overhauled down to the primary-school level to bridge curriculum gaps between disparate subject areas (Cochrane, 1).

The "endpoint of techne" may be drawing nigh as the Technocracy constructs its global holodeck."

From cradle to grave, they feed our minds bullshit and I wondered why society is so blind. Now I think I understand better.

There are two things in life - believeing and knowing. One is blind, the other just is.

Knowledge is blind - for those who don't believe.

You're welcome on the compliments and you are gifted at making large concepts flow from lamestream thought.
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