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Default Re: Timecop was only a movie, Right?


As I write this post, a large number of people have suddenly come down with SINUS ALLERGIES and general discomfort, these PHOENIX LIGHTS I have exposed on this very forum some time ago, as usual before the EVENT HORIZON, a chemical spraying is released upon the public! (Chemtrails)

N.PHX Images from satellite>>>mysterious triangles and hidden bases.

Triangles from space

This possibly is a TIME LOOP

Time Loop

Another Weird Triangle

REMEMBER these can only be seen from space...

And just to make sure you know WTF your looking at, all these images I, and only I, have found in the ENTIRE WORLD, all squarely in the 33rd parrallel circumcising the globe, all nice and neatly aligned with other WORLDLY OBJECTS around the 33rd Parallel.
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