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Default Re: Articles you might find interesting.

Fourth article was also excellant. Dude, you are gonna go far and piss a lot of people off. You understand the way things work very very well and your writing skills are excellant. I didn't want to stop reading. New York best seller is what you should be writing. You have the ability and the knowledge.

"Because they are narratives, films largely depend upon sequential configurations that produce the illusion of causal relationships. Likewise, the narrative paradigm that the power elite wished to impose upon September 11th was sequenced to create a false causal connection between the WTC attacks and the Arab world. During the interview with Insana, Couric abruptly announced an "upsetting wire that just came
across the wire from the West Bank" (qutd. in Gaines 126). Couric proceeded to paint a disturbing portrait of militant Muslims celebrating the destruction of the Twin Towers:"

Memes: those ideas that excite and infect the minds of many - if they are receptible and unconscious of the feed they are recieving. It's all in the advertising - Hogwart's henry! I believe I now understand just how deep the spells these jack-asses are casting on society are reaching. I am just realizing how occult this whole system of globalization is.

Thanx for opening my eyes. Truth hurts sometimes.

People are genuinely losing the ability to think for themselves and believe what they are told to believe - no questions asked; lazy minds loosing their souls, little by little, through lack of questioning their faith: what they believe in. It's laisser-faire - they do not care.

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