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Default Re: Who Is David Icke?

8-) I agree that Icke is probly a big time fraud ive read one his fat chucky waste of trees(too big these books must say something about his audience) "Children of the Matrix" well i read half of it until i got to the chapter about how he launches at christianity just like he does at almost everything else i kind of tuned out!.

The guy can wax lyrical about all the evils of the world not unlike some of us here on cc but still claims no traditional religious beliefs so what does he base his own rightcous indignation on or the strength to keep going, psychologically or finanacially since he doesnt believe in a God, his own ego it must be, which isnt exactly solid grand for a mere mortal.
Also found it kind of ironic the he lives on the Isle of Wight UK, when he claims satanic cult runs the island yet he still claims somehow he is not part of it, goes about his work there unhindered sound logical go figure.

Actually i would like to know what kind of people would have enough time on their hands to read all his works because given the size of just of one his books id say theyd have to be terminally and bedridden or something to be a consistent fan, the info is also a ripoff in my view retailing at close to $80.00 Au, for just one his fantasy works at borders books for example.:roll: :-?
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