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As far as the THEM poster(s) and thread is concerned, it was another attempt to align themselves with me.

Their first post stated that the coming events for this year would include information, probably public about MKULTRA/Project Monarch and/or mind control.

However, in this opening paragraph, they gave themselves away by stating that "mind control victims" are HIGHLY SUGGESTIBLE and remain that way for the rest of their lives.

This, a suggestion to ME.

They stated, we will DEFEND ourselves. This, an attempt to suggest TO ME that I should defend myself against all the negative comments being made about me by other posters.

They never once attempted to DEFEND themselves.

IGWT re-inforced this defense MODE when he stated, BA, "you CLOCKED CC again."

This, when he thought he had aligned himself with me and to further suggest that it's GREAT that I spend my time defending myself against negative comments.

If I do this, then I don't have time to write and remember my past.

To be put on the "defensive" is a tactic.

What they were also hoping for was that I would suggest that those who tormented me in the past, incarcerated me, victimized me, were the ALIENS or whatever they were, whose pictures they continued to post.

I was recounting an experience of laying on a cold, steel table with bright lights shining in my eyes.

Almost immediately, THEM posted a picture of some skeleton type person in a room with a steel table holding a flashlight.

An attempt for me to suggest that these THINGS were responsible for my abuse.

So, that is the STORY of the THEM thread and the "missing pictures."


What happened to the illustration RedRat posted with a pregnant Barbie pushing a baby stroller, with scrawled lettering indicating BA was Barbie, IGWT someone else?

Did that one disappear, too.

In Peace,

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