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redrat11 wrote:
BlueAngel wrote:
I remember telling my handler/controller and all the other "sadistic pigs" that one day they would have to PAY THE PRICE for what they did to not only to me, but everyone else they put their hands on.

They asked, how do you think you're going to accomplish that?

I'll write I book, I told them. You'll be killed before the book is published, they said.

This, before I told them that there was evidence against them.

When they were sure that I was speaking the truth about the evidence, they/HE asked WHY?

Why would I do this to ME/HIM?

I asked, "Why would you do this to me?"

Why? You ask.

Because what you did to me was dispicable. Because the torture, the physical abuse, the mind control, the brutalization cannot go unpunished.

I will not take it to my grave.

They said I would be brain dead by the time I left their hands.

I said, I'll get better one day.

They said, we highly doubt that. We have ways of making people forget.

You will be a walking zombie when you leave this place.

I said, I have ways of remembering.

What did I want, they asked.

NOTHING, I replied.

Money? No, I replied. I want nothing from any of you. I want you out of my life forever.

How can we be sure you won't talk, if you say you have ways of remembering.

I said, you cannot.

They said, then we will not be out of your life forever.

We will watch you until the day you die.

In Peace,
BA, let's PRESUME your telling the truth, Don't you think a rational person out here reading your horrific story has to think---Why did'nt you tell the authorities anything, and why are you now disclosing all this damning info on 'them'? (just curious) and by the way don't you think your PERSECUTORS could use this info your publishing against you? (you know they could say your insane.)

What is it you're not comprehending? I don't need nor do I want or have I requested your advice.


You're not my attorney.

I disclosed information to the proper authorities decades ago.

You can't figure out that, let's see, 40 years ago plus, that a "little girl" did make accusations as to her abuse/abusers, controller/handler.

You need to read this thread and stop playing dumb RedRat.

The time is right now. Mind control programs are spoken about. The information is out there including the satanic cult.

Thanks to those who have been diligently working behind the scenes to this end.

Really? You agree that I have persecutors from the past who could use this information I'm publishing here against me.

Publishing? That is yet to come.

I'm not concerned in the least bit about that and quite frankly, I wonder why you would be concerned.

Afterall, I DON'T KNOW YOU!

Well, you know, what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

Your opinion is of no interest to me regarding my life or how I conduct it.

In Peace,
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