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Default Re: Advertising/ Devil imagery: Dodge, Mopar

Hello this!
Re: Imagery. You are right in regards to The Beast Imagery. I've known this for years through a friend of mine in advertising, plus most males on his father's side(uncles, cousins) were freemasons. They loved their Chrysler Corporation cars and trucks. They love their little symbols and logos, and the whole "look at us". Actually, I like my Dodge minivan. However, I am not associated with the Freemasons or Eastern Stars in any way. The old chrysler emblem was a hidden five pointed star with the points folded into the center. That was well known. Somewhere I read in these threads:
some know, some don't. There's alot of advertising with images imbedded 'here and there'. Some for subliminal affect, some for 'right in your face' affect. But you are right, it is intentional. They are not exactly going to put Bapho-whomever on anything. Just the representation of.
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