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Default Re: They tormented those who dwell on the earth

redrat11 wrote:
Keep in mind who here on this forum claims to be 'altered' transformed into other personalities. (albeit from her past.)

I come here to this destroyed site to post on CONSPIRACY related items, you come here to rabble on about your TORMENT under the Music/CIA/Sadistic Pig handlers, You are the Tormentor projecting your self outwards on this site, towards everybody who disagrees with your story, this is true.
Again, it's common knowledge that you don't seem to posses regarding mind control programs.

And, if you come here to post Conspiracy related items, why your disbelief as to mind control programs and within the music industry?

This particular thread seems to TORMENT you.

Disagree, if you'd like; however, it's not for you to decide anything about my story.

Seems to me I'm posting on a few threads I've created, but for some reason my name keeps coming up in other threads, which is not of my doing.

GO look in the mirror.

In Peace,

You've already been OUTTED.
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