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BlueAngel wrote:
igwt wrote:
BlueAngel wrote:
Sorry, but I don't shut up for anyone.

One minute IGWT is helping in my defense against the DEVIL, providing links to some of my posts, playing the protector role.

Then he is OUTTED.

His manipulation didn't work. His mind control tactics failed and so now we SEE his true colors and motives.

Not to protect me but to protect SOMEONE else.

By the way, did you just design that website?

Again, it's BlueAngel. My huband, children, family and friends can testify that is not me.

You have been OUTTED as a manipulator, in League with the Devil, a liar and using mind control tactics on this site.

You have no credibility.

In Peace,
Paranoid delusions
Truth is not a delusion.

You must feel threatened by my knowledge.

In Peace,
Done polluting MY/YOUR thread on global issues BA? I find it interesting the lack of regard to what I DID post in your Mind-Control/Media thread. You were pretty dang rude to igwt so how you could expect a reaction other than on the defense is beyond me. You say A LOT, but it doesn't necessarily contain any real information. You were very quick to diregard what is over ten years of very specific research in certain areas that I believe would be of great interest to you and I COULD interject that you seemed to be wanting to avoid where I was beginning to go, but that would sound paranoid on my part. You were quick to accuse me of claiming to be a professional in the area of mind-control, which I NEVER stated. I AM familiar with the terminologies you use of course, but there is nothing beyond BASIC (geocities/tripod) knowledge that you appear to be combining with a convoluted story of how it all relates to you specifically. You also don't know how long I've been here, truly. Only admin have the ability to track that data and even then it can be difficult to be certain. You do not need an account to read the contents of this forum.

Before challenging others how about backing up a single comment you've ever made here? You cannot.
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