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I was citing a parallel where "disinformation" is concerned and was suggesting the possibility that Art Bell, George Noory, Jeff Rense and Alex Jones (among others and despite my better wishes) are likely at some level nothing more than "disinformation" campaigns for the masses. This may be true without the consent or direct knowledge of those referenced in my prior comment. I know that Art has addressed this in the past and has denied any such accusations. My intention is in no way to accuse but only to entertain the possibility.

I used "The Roswell Incident" to demonstrate the effectiveness of these efforts. The credible lose credibility. What is a top secret aircraft appears in the media as a "flying saucer" discrediting in the minds of the masses those who report witnessing such things.

There are MANY levels of "disinformation" and I'm sure you likely aware of them. Just turn the TV on.
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