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spectre wrote:
Let's assume this ISN'T scripted...

Not more than one week ago igwt and you appear as comrades and now the same delusional, paranoid and schizophrenic accusations are spreading to those who formerly displayed support for you.

You're not comprehending again. I'm not looking for support from anyone on this site. Again, IGWT has been OUTTED. The explanation has been provided. It is concrete.

At what point will it dawn on you BlueAngel that you are incapable of getting along with ANYONE?

I have no desire to GET ALONG with you. You've been OUTTED. It's been explained. It's concrete. That was part of my job then and it's part of my job now and it doesn't allow for getting along with those who have "hidden agendas."

Judge not! Your own statements cancel eachother out and you are all and do all you accuse others of.

Your statement is wrong. You do all that I accuse you of doing.

You are the one who is deserving of such scrutiny. You have stated that you have evidence to support your claims, yet you do not.

You're still not comprehending. I don't have to provide evidence to you or anyone else on this forum. And, why on earth would you think I would? In fact, this is a conspiracy forum or haven't you noticed? Any conspiracy under the book is okay with Spectre except Mind Control in the Music Indusry. Gee, I wonder why. The question answers itself.

You think you are relevant to every thread, every topic, every post and everyone here yet you are not.

No, I don't think I'm relevant to every thread. But, you do.

A formal complaint has been submitted regarding your rude and ongoing disruptive behavior.

Likewise. Just curious, Spectre, did you add The Devil to that complaint?

Regards, Spectre
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