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Default Re: Barabara Hartwell Part2: Barbara Hartwell

redrat11 wrote:
Yes Maam, your the TRUTH, and only the truth, I have no consideration in your mental development, nor have I ever pretended too have!!

Yes, it's my experience. You would have no knowledge regarding same and to think that you would is to be delusional. Yes you have preteneded.

Now please leave me the HELL alone, and let me post my 'OPINIONS' without your corrosive interference! YES!!!! (are you capable of this???)

Role reversal again. The one who interferes with my threads, discusses me on other threads with others and then expects that I shouldn't respond. The one who acts like I'm interfering with his posts when HE interferes with mine.

I'm quite capable of it, but you're not.

In Peace,

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