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redrat11 wrote:
I remember reading from EUSTICE MULLINS books, this interesting paragraph from a certain book.

He was trying to crack the Rothschilds Family Fortune, In the search for the truth, this AWSOME MR. MULLINS encountered massive DIS-Informtion from the NWO Program.

Later it was revealed that the Rothschilds fortune was estimated at (and I make no joke ,100 QUADRILLION DOLLARS!!!) So, what's the point? well you should see the AWSOME disinformation ARTIST THEY EMPLOY to DECIEVE you the AVERAGE READER!!! I only ask that you consider this when making your assumptions. ( we will WIN in the END!!!)
Mind control programs are not disinformation. Just the people, such as many on this site, that they employ in an attempt to silence, neutralize, contain, control and/or discredit victims/survivors of this "satanic cult."

They refer to these people as difficult because I cannot be controlled.

There will be evidence presented as to their guilt. In that regard, they will not win in the end.

In Peace,
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