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BlueAngel wrote:
redrat11 wrote:
Ozziecynic wrote:
this from a LEFTEST SOCIALIST PRO GOVERMENT TYPE :lol: what a joke, but really OZ, what happened, did the JEWISH ownership of STORMFRONT toss you out on your ARSE??
:-? You live in delusion pal if you think the the US government doesnt control your life as much as anywhere else.
You also live in delusion if you think secret soceities are only for leftwingers. So you mean to tell me that no business man big or small is mason or no police officer for example the great enforces of capitalist property rights are not masons, pal you have no idea!.
Infact given the direction the world has taken there would be by far more typical right wingers in the masons etc than anything especially if its a lodge based on the UGLE so bark up some other tree redneck with no idea!.

And as for joke this whole forum including you is ONE BIG JOKE but hey its still good enough to screw with or express an opinion occasionally which isnt always sardonic( yes i can be serious),however unlike you i just dont seem to have as much time on my hands thats the difference!. :-D
Another delusional stooge.NO, actually I make MONEY using Capitalism, I don't hang here often only when I have time to kill. :lol: And if you take the time to read my threads, 95% of them deal with the subjects you accuse me of not knowing, Now it seems you and your alters (shadow) who knows how many others, this you are. :-o
RedRat speaks to this poster from one alter to another.

In Peace,
Paranoid delusion
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