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Default So when do we tell the children?

As Dr. Makor has pointed out in one of his recent articles, sending a child off for a university education is an emotionally conflicting experience.
As much as one likes to see his or her progeny advance in the world, conventional education is more indoctrination than true enlightenment and little more than a mass brainwashing program conducted by the global elites. Much of the knowledge that young people really need to know in order to cope with this "Brave New World" is not taught in public or private schools; it is, in fact, the reason why all of us have gravitated to this forum in search of real answers.
It took me half my lifetime to detect and deconstruct this entire Masonic/Illuminati/New World Order scheme, and not a day goes by that I don't have to repress feelings of bitterness and anger that someone in the know didn't clue me in sooner, intead of letting me run myself ragged on the treadmill, ever in pursuit of the elusive carrot dangling just in front of me -- and oblivious to the dangers all around me. I don't have children of my own, but as I see other young members of my fanmily maturing and going off to university or entering other adult fields of endeavor, I cannot help but be overwhelmed with an obligation to enlighten them now before they make the same mistakes serving the same phony ideals, corrupted dogmas and false gods as I did at their age.
Which brings me to the point of this post: It appears that there are two "facts of life" lectures that a responsible parent or guardian must have with the children in his or her care before letting them venture out on their own. The first is the standard "birds and bees" lecture, but the second is this knowledge of who really runs this world and their secret, evil agenda.
To permit young people to enter society without this instruction is akin to sending someone into a gunfight with a pocketknife. Only by the grace of God did I somehow survive as well as I did.
So I put it to you, members of this forum, when and how is it appropriate and effective to broach this subject with a young person under your charge?

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