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Default Re: Barabara Hartwell Part2: Barbara Hartwell

LaDominio wrote:
Remember RedRat and BA, these words here are just clashing opinions. There is no need to attach any kind of emotion to them. And in truth these clashing opinions dont matter because they hold no substance - just concept.
What clashing opinions?

I suppose you're referring to the "Mind Control within the Music Industry" thread.

It is my experience and therefore, it is not a concept, but does hold substance.

My opinion/experience cannot be diminshed by someone who either has a vested interest in protecting my past handler/controller and/or the industry itself. Nor can it be swayed or changed by anyone who is without knowledge regarding same.

Again, LaDomino, is your role here to play an intermediary, of which, as stated previously I do not solicit or need.

In Peace,
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