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Default Re: This difficult person...

RedRat said:

"So, what's the point? well you should see the AWSOME disinformation ARTIST THEY EMPLOY to DECIEVE you the AVERAGE READER."

Yes, good question. What is your point?

And, by the way, I'd like to SEE this AWESOME disinformation ARTIST THEY employed not only to deceive the average reader but him. Does he look like YOU?

Just ONE! That's all they employ? They sound somewhat short-staffed. I'd have to differ. There are plenty on this forum and they have hundreds if not thousands more.

Please, learn your facts about the NWO, RedRat. If not, I will have to consider you a DISINFORMATION AGENT.

Can you send a picture? I'd love to see this AWESOME disinformation agent.

Oh, that reminds me. Wasn't it IGWT who suggested the devil send us a picture.

Perhaps, this was a suggestion for me to send a picture while they were attempting to trigger "sexual programming."


In Peace,
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