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Default Re: Articles you might find interesting.

Hey Phillip,

I had a good chat with a newbie mummy from North End Dartmouth regarding your essays. Funny enough, she brought up the topic regarding how her boyfriend loves to watch the news. She told him that they were telling himwhat to believe and what to think. He says he's able to discern the truth. Very interesting conversation. Thank you for your essays as they made me more enlightened to discuss this issue of social programming via science and the propaganda machine.

Thank God, their breed is a dying one. Things will change as all this truth comes to light. It's only a matter of time and their time is coming to an end. WEare on a dawning of a golden age of truth. I don't know why I believe that and it is a very strong image in my mind.

There is definitely a tidal wave in the change of consciousness towards the truth, stirring under the surface of humankind. I see it happening every day. The more lies they tell, themore truthis uncovered exponentially. That's my perspective of my local community. People are starting to understand what is going wrong and are starting to do something about it, in their own personal lives. I see it all the time.

A lot of things are changing for the better and the media is not telling anyone that little truth.
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