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Default Re: Hitler Conspiracy - Hitler was a NICE man!

What a crock of shit!

The guy makes him out to be a messiah.

Yes he had a lot of respect for Christianity but only in context of a gnostic occult interpretation promulgated by his mentor Madame Blavatsky. The Secret Doctrine was his real Bible, he had a copy of it by his bedside and read from it every night.

Hitler was a medium in the extreme. He was history's greatest virtuoso of channeling satanic forces. He came into contact with the Vril Society, the Black Order, the Ahnenerbe Society and later the Thule Society and was chosen because of his uncanny nature to become suceptible to influence. Mediums are ordinary, insignificant people and suddenly they are endowed with supernatural powers and uncanny abilities. The powers are something that is outside their true personality. The medium is possessed. Once the crisis is past, they fall back into mediocrity. It is this quality of Hitler that the author is so enraptured by, the same quality that swayed an entire country.

Read the Morning of the Magicians for the full story of the occult rise and fall of the Third Reich - especially useful for a full recounting of the whacked out beliefs that the "Aryans" of the turn of the century held. The absolute best book I have ever read.

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