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Default Re: Where are the SAFE PLACES??

nohope187 wrote:
The whole reason my family decided to move here from San Jose,CA was pretty much because we got word of Cali falling into the ocean.
you serious? I thought you didn't believe any of the earth change stuff and wasn't taking it serious!

In recent days I have been reading more of this earth change stuff, and everyone says "get right with the creator," which means have your spiritual life and connection with God in check and don't worry so much about your physical body, since nowhere is really safe. Basically put your life in God's hands. I have pretty much resigned to my fate since there is little chance of me relocating. Im just gonna try to be as good a person as can be, read the Bible everyday and just repent, pray and ask for forgiveness. I don't look forward to a horrible death but what can I do, i am stuck over here.
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