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Default Re: Advertising/ Devil imagery: Dodge, Mopar

If pointing any of this out helps, then great, although I'm guessing that many people would rather not know that they are being toyed with.

Advertising is a pretty powerful medium, and my impression is that it is used to stir the pot a little, add in a little ingredients and see what happens. With ad executives competing for market share and prestige, they try anything, no matter how silly or risqué. And their corporate clients are willing to try a campaign if it gets noticed. They say sex sells, and also bad publicity sometimes works too.

However certain subjects are taboo because they can lead to reduced market share. I'm not sure what those subjects are anymore because boundaries are being pushed all the time. Rest assured that any logo or pitch line is analysed to death for various connotations, subliminal meanings and market affect. The case of GM marketing it's Nova car in a non-English speaking country was an oversight and an exception!

The devil imagery on TV these days is not too offensive, it's mixed in with rappers, celebrity motorcycle builders, tattood lizard people and whatever. Young men mostly, talking to the camera will reflexively pull in their middle two fingers while talking to you, seeming to say "Yo!, What's up? You know what I'm sayin'" and other variations of I'm cool, you're cool. The Dodge ads in question I think appeal to young people. The idea is to bring in satanic symbols not overtly but covertly. Subliminal advertising - you know what I'm saying? :P

If you go to you get a strobe effect ram's head in your face every time. But it's the inner image that your subconscious mind picks up as well. They've done studies on this subliminal stuff, it apparently works to some degree. I think the horned creature imagery (and "grab life by the HORNS" phrase - talk about in your face) is brought in to desensitize youth to the sick nature of the occult. It's not sick, it's FUN!!!! That inner image in the ram's head is totally deliberate, millions are spent developing and testing logos. What we must conclude is that the testing didn't predict a loss in market share and somehow appealed to people who consider themselves rebellious (youth).

They're not going to say "Satan rides a Buick, you should too" I don't think people would go for that. Conspiracy is not usually overt, that's the idea. I think the 5 or 6 pointed stars are a separate issue all together. In the 40's when the Dodge Bros. put that hexagram on their hoods I'm guessing people thought that was Jewish, since they would have seen gravestones with that symbol on them. Why Israel chose that image, and US sherrifs is a whole discussion I'm sure. Another would be why did the US choose the 5 pointed star for their flag. (and just about every other state for that matter?)

Dodge did market a car in the 1970's called the Demon. Now that's overt. As this ad shows it was meant to turn off your elders.
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