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Default Re: Is BlueAngel a Government Spy?

igwt wrote:
Ozziecynic wrote:
Again, it's BlueAngel. My huband, children, family and friends can testify that is not me.
8-) I just love the way people on these conspiracy forums like BA come off sounding all sanctimonous like they are born again Christians that have just decided overnight they are on a mission to save the world from the forces of evil whoever or whatever that is (Dr Evil and Meme I guess) by posting sanctimonous trash about everyone else being evil except them without even qouting one passage from the Bible.

So what kind of posters are these like BA nothing but self rightcous windbags crowned by themselves, with huge chips on their shoulders whom in reality are just plain bogus identities anyway!.:roll:

BTW: BA have you used the alias Marypoppins on cc that entity posts identical stuff to your own. Because it is you Right!.

The games up you stupid whore wollow in your self pity all you like you freak with far too much time on your hands!. :-P

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