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Default Re: Does Evolution Make Bad People?


I stick to my opinion, as for my website, it is not intended to "change" people, and by change here i mean : changing from an evil person to a righteous person. All i do is reminding people, of what? of the truth inside them that may have been forgotten. The righteous will remember and take heed, as for the guilty, no matter how profound the proofs i present, they won't believe.

What i wanted to say is that, enviromental influences are minimal. God designs our environments to bring the worst or the best of us, He knows already our inner most convictions and thus tailors the test accordingly.

Hitler was sent to this specific place and time to bring out his evil nature, if he was born in another country, he would have shown the same wickedness in another form.

As for a free person, he wouldn't conform with evil, no matter how extreme an environment you put him in. A free person doesn't fit in, he rather waits till he finds an environment that fits in with his personality.

Otherwise, if we say the genes, environment, TV, commercials affect everybody equally, then we are negating the soul and free will, which are prerequisites for the test and judgment.

A good father could certainly enhance his son's character, but he can't change it!
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