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Default Re: Looking for Faith

Or, DON'T do this. Read Springsteen's lyrics. Cause if you needed inspiration beforehand, they certainly won't "Lift You Up."

You'll be lost in the BIG MUDDY, stuck in the Badlands, or Jungleland for that matter.

You might wind up with a notion that it's a sin to be alive.

You'll read the words, "little girl," so often and the names of various female and males that you'll just have to say hmmmmmmmmm?

You'll think he was married with kids long before he was ever married.

You'll find out that he got Mary pregnant at 17 and that he goes by various names, such as Billy.

You'll find out that he is constantly dreaming and all his love interests are unhappy and crying, but believes his LOVE will save them.

You'll learn that he's always addressing some mister, buddy or sir.

He's been watching some female for a very long time.

Doreen left without telling him.

You'll also learn that he's worked in the fields getting his back burned, pumped gas at a Texaco station, works on the railroad, highway, hangs out in bars alot of the time.

He's always cruisin' the desert, around rivers and valleys. The sun is always bloodied. Everything seems to happen in the dark.

He's constantly searchin' for the promised land, but he made a deal with the devil.

He has a meeting with a "man on the other side." His soul checked out missing and lives in a town where they say you "gotta stay hungry and carve you up all night."

He lives in a dump and is sick of sittin' around tryin' to write some book.

He also has a brother and two faces. One tells him to do one thing and the other tells him to do another.

The most distressing is that he is fixated on "little girls."

So, take my advice. Maybe gospel music would help make you feel inspired.

In Peace,
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