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Default Re: Communism


You hit the nail on the head. This corruption happens every day in plain full view of all. I just happen to be paying attention unlike some ignorant folks on the rat wheel.

My hope is my joy and my hope is from God. Despite the corruption of Canada, my home and native land, I live in HOPE. I will not live in fear. I fear no man nor any politically corrupt system - God has my back.

Through my worst of experiences, and their have been a few, I always cling to my faith and my hope. Fear is not a part of my make up which I suppose leaves a lot of room for hope.

I have been challenging these folks here to take to me to court, for anything. I have turned their rules upside down as I don't back down. They ran me out of town once and I came back, much to their dismay. When I run into local politicians, they bow their heads and walk on by. What does that say? Shame?

I still hold my head high, speak my mind and defend those I love with a passion they cannot effect.

I have three beautiful children and a lot of love in my life. I have good friends. I also know how to make a business and make some money. No matter what these fools do, my life is going forward - hurdles to stepping stones.

I am also very creative in my thinking - inspired - which gives me great motivation to move ahead, despite the corruption. Thank you God.

For me, it's all about keeping your eyes on the prize - a successful peaceful life. Sometimes they kick my ass and still I get up again and keep right on going.

I'd be a fool to let a bunch of skeezy politicians wreck my future, try as they may.


"Since the Fall in Eden and the temptation for forbidden knowledge.Humanity is imperfect there fore that is why the world is going to be destroyed. Not a matter of defeatism there is nothing to be perfected in the temporal dimension.We are simply imperfect and must be punshied for our lack of submission to God!"


That quote is nothing but defeatist. I have learned through the love for my children about God. If I love my children this much... how greater is God's love for us - his children? Eternal is my answer.

Assuming that God has unconditional and eternal love for his creation - humanity - his children... I'll reflect that onto my little microcosm.

Am I going to punish my children eternally because they are not perfect? Shall I teach them that this world is going to be destroyed by God. My rational sense tells me that is the devil's funny idears and it is evil that is attempting to destroy this world, not God.

While I will punish my children for their wrongs it is most important for me to focus on what they do right, reward them as such, and encourage them towards a better end, yes? I reward them more for good behaviour than I punish them for bad behaviour. I am a lowly mum in comparison to God as a parent and I try my best.

Most folks seem to focus on the bad and the uselessness of even trying - just what the devil wants. I teach my children to focus on the good and stay away from the bad. I teach my children to believe in good things/do good things and not believe the lies that bring forth bad actions that are ultimately self-destructive.

Come what may, I will live in hope until the day I die.

"No matter what they take from me, they can't take away my dignity." George Benson

They can't touch or take from my faith either.
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