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Default Satanic ritual in Nova Scotia

Hey, are you guys talking about Bridewater, Nova Scotia?

The Prime Minister uses his stoolie RCMP to move the cocaine and lets not forget about the Satanists and the pedophiles involved in government. People who find out about "stuff" there end up 'suicided' through help of the Bridgewater Hospital. The whole province knows of what goes on there. Everyone keeps mumbling that something must be done.

The good R.C.M.P. , when approached with these truths, decline to investigate - point blank. Their usual response is "No, I won't investigate, I have kids." Translation, "If I investigate, they will fcuk with my children = I can't investigate.

Welcometo Nova Scotia. Ain't life corrupt?

Oh dear, it was Texas you were pointing at.
I'm pointing at Bridgewater.
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