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Default Canadian corruption

Recieved an interesting email - thought I'd share.

February 18th 2005

The Right Honourable, Paul Martin Prime Minister of Canada

Dear Sir

We listened with great interest to your comments about the NHL players’ lockout and how the government would get involved if both sides wished. You indicated that professional hockey is a 2 billion dollar industry. At the Better Justice Bureau, we concern ourselves with helping people cope with the INjustice they have suffered. In light of what we hear every day, we find it hard to understand the government offering to get involved in the business of professional sport, where the players are grossly overpaid, and where ticket costs are very high, since it doesn’t affect the Public Interest. Meanwhile, ordinary Canadians are desperate for those in authority to deal with real problems.

Associates of the Better Justice Bureau have sent you, and your predecessor, and the Ministers of Justice, numerous letters on our experiences with the INjustice system in our country, itemizing threats to the very core values of our country, yet you evade facing issues much more serious than hockey.

The legal system is a multi-billion dollar industry, which certainly does play a key role in the nation’s business. The fact that it is grinding to a halt because of systemic corruption ought to matter to you. There are many people who can prove lawyers’ misconduct / negligence / rank criminality … judges’ misconduct and bias … yet your government does not want to do anything about it. Your Minister of Justice won’t even consider a Public Enquiry to determine how bad it really is. Or is it the case that you already know how bad it is, but won’t act because your administration is made up of lawyers and patronage positions ? If you really cared about the wellbeing of your fellow citizens, you would do what is necessary to reform the most corrupt industry in our country ; lawyering.

One of our members is a classic example of how this racket operates. He spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on legal fees in the last 27 years, only to have lawyers throw his case. Is what happens in lawyers‘ offices, in courthouses and in the hallways of Justice of any concern to your government?

The goal of the Better Justice Bureau is to mobilize the appropriate authorities to do something about the disgraceful state of the Administration of Justice. Therefore I direct your attention to the recent decision in the Supreme Court of Canada with the case of Christina McCullock-Finney. While your administration, and previous ones, looked the other way, events overtook the provincial Law Societies. In the Finney case, the court saw that, by whitewashing complaints and doing nothing about lawyers’ malpractice and breaches of the Professional Code of Conduct, le Barreau de Quebec had abused its privilege as a self-governing body. This decision is now reverberating across the country. Law Societies must figure out how to cope with fourteen years’ of pent-up wrongdoing, which - mark my words - is going to come down on them as a tsunami of class-action suits.

The role of a leader is to lead : are you up to that ?

I urge you to step up with a plan to remedy the poison ruining Justice throughout Canada. I urge you to take the initiative to channel the immense overhang of anger caused by our present system of INjustice. The key to which is, to remind the lawyers’ guilds that, as creatures of Statute, they are presumed to serve the People, rather than their guild members. I challenge you as Prime Minister to convene a Royal Commission into the Administration of Justice. A place to start is with the breaching of the federal Competition Act by the monopoly on the business of providing legal services. The guiding theme of which could be the quip “power corrupts and absolute power of the Law Societies has absolutely corrupted the legal system”.

Many people, who go into Court expecting Justice, come out of that meatgrinder having lost their life’s work. De-propertied and demoralized, they and their families are thrown on to the state for support for the rest of their lives. Point being ; corruption in the legal system directly impacts the public interest monetarily.

The loss of security and quality of life from a system that is run by self-serving lawyers brings the very administration of Justice into disrepute. When laws are put in place to protect lawyers instead of ordinary people, citizens despise the underpinnings of government and lose faith in the nation overall. When national coherence is gone, what’s left ? What is it going to take for you, the Prime Minister, to realize that corruption in the legal system is the single biggest issue presently challenging the country ? I want to convey to you that we need a Public Enquiry into the serious problems with our Justice system and then make radical changes … otherwise the platitudes you mouthe about ‘rights and freedoms’ are so obviously untrue that we all stand embarrassed.

You’re spending a lot of time flying around to other countries, lately. You’d do better getting into the real world, finding out how tough life is for ordinary Canadians who don’t have your carte blanche. You seem curiously unconcerned with the most serious problem we have, right here at home.

There are many other issues such a Royal Commission ought to scrutinize. Heading the list is the Class Action Lawsuit on the Residential School Abuse, which is fast becoming a scam driven by lawyers taking for themselves untold amounts of money, while leaving their clients with pittance. One of those lawyers, Tony Merchant of the Merchant Law Group in Regina, represents almost seven thousand claimants. He openly brags he will make hundreds of millions for himself off this action. It is common knowledge that he went out and solicited co-Plaintiffs for this suit. So blatantly unethical was he that the Chiefs of the Indian Bands in Saskatchewan formally complained to the Law Society about his misconduct.

We have personal knowledge that Anthony Merchant Q. C. asked a certain man if he was abused during his stay at the Residential School. When this man replied that he didn’t think he had been. Tony Merchant told him “Then make something up.” Direct quote. It doesn’t take a degree from a law school to know that as he importuned this man to make a false claim within a court action, Tony Merchant committed the crime of suborning perjury. Now with this knowledge, it is incumbent upon your administration to determine “How many of the other claims in the class action were fabricated in similar circumstances?”

In discussion of the Residential School class action, a figure being used is for an eventual payout of 14 billion dollars. If most of that amount will go to the lawyers, then that must be unjust enrichment. Is it fair that in that astounding payout, lawyers will be the biggest beneficiaries? Yet taxpayers will have to work hard to pay it ? Don’t you think the government should conduct a Public Enquiry into the conduct of lawyers in this matter ? Is there not enough money at stake or is it because the lawyers are politically-connected ?

And it gets worse : I draw your attention to the fact that Tony Merchant’s wife Pana is now a Senator. You won’t, but nearly every other person in Canada wonders “Pana who?” Mrs. Merchant may well be a fine lady in her own right, but it is insultingly obvious to the rest of us that the appointment of this relative non-entity was a payback for service her husband had rendered the Liberal Party. Surely, sitting there in the Red Chamber, deciding on expenditures from which she will directly benefit via her husband’s law firm, she has an egregious conflict of interests ?

We look forward to a response to these serious matters, which go directly to the integrity of government. We would like to meet with you in order to sensitize you about a couple of outrageous stories, which personify the systemic rot in the INjustice system.

Yours truly

Gordon S. Watson

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