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Default Canadian corruption in Newfoundland

Recieved another interesting email and thought I'd share.

Lloyd, it's past time this action is taken. the Political powers are so controled by the Legal Profession, they all answer to no-one. In my case and others in Newfoundland, we have to deal with complete Corruption and one man control, a Child Rapest, for 34 years, T. Alex Hickman. In this situation, all the Judges and Crown Prosecuters are either appointed by Hickman or his direct aquaintances from every day on the job for 34 years. How does anyone like me get a fair day in court or Justice? This man and the now MP for Grand Bank, Bill Matthews destroyed my family, they now have to cover-up for Sexual Abuse, Child Rape, Incest, Medical Mel Practice, Social Services Neglect and a Police Department controled completely by the Perpetrators of these crimes. I will continue to fight for JUSTICE and every day more people are aware of my situation and are willing to watch my fight and support me, check my guest book, this lack of Justice in CANADA is becoming an International awareness issue, if something isn't done soon to change it, Canada and it's Reputation, World Wide, will count for nothing more than a public show of Democracy without substance. To see the REAL TRUTH IN CANADIAN JUSTICE look at my fight for more than 40 YEARS.
Canadians are tired of ROBBING POLITICIANS who Laugh at the Legal Process, play with Golf Balls in a Court Room and GAIN APPLAUSE for doing so. We are all fed up with L.C.S.C. LIARS, CHEATERS & STEALERS CLUB, Canadian Politicians and the PROPAGANDA PROSTITUTES OF THE CBC and BUSINESS CONTROLLED NTV.
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