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Default Re: Canadian corruption

There are many other issues such a Royal Commission ought to scrutinize. Heading the list is the Class Action Lawsuit on the Residential School Abuse, which is fast becoming a scam driven by lawyers taking for themselves untold amounts of money, while leaving their clients with pittance. One of those lawyers, Tony Merchant of the Merchant Law Group in Regina, represents almost seven thousand claimants. He openly brags he will make hundreds of millions for himself off this action. It is common knowledge that he went out and solicited co-Plaintiffs for this suit. So blatantly unethical was he that the Chiefs of the Indian Bands in Saskatchewan formally complained to the Law Society about his misconduct.

We have personal knowledge that Anthony Merchant Q. C. asked a certain man if he was abused during his stay at the Residential School. When this man replied that he didn’t think he had been. Tony Merchant told him “Then make something up.” Direct quote. It doesn’t take a degree from a law school to know that as he importuned this man to make a false claim within a court action, Tony Merchant committed the crime of suborning perjury. Now with this knowledge, it is incumbent upon your administration to determine “How many of the other claims in the class action were fabricated in similar circumstances?”

This screams of the Shelburne Boys school fiasco, here in Nova Scotia.

None of the alleged sexual abuse claims were properly investigated. All boys were paid. They were encouraged to make a claim and grab their cheque and most importantly - their GAG ORDER.

Because many workers, who were unduly accused of molestation, felt slighted, they in turn also sued. All workers were encouraged to step up and grab their cheques and their GAG ORDER too.

The lawyers raked in a killing and the whole story has been covered up for many years... so they think.

I met a Shelburne boy or two this summer and I got the scoop.

As claimed by Byron Prior in the sex abuse thread on this forum, government paid politicians and their coke-head friends have been 'plucking' with children in less than fortunate situations. God don't like ugly.

For the love of God, Canada has a bunch of pedophiles in public offices. Hello? Anyone home? The Canadian government is mainly a clan of Satanic coke-head pervs. Any red flags or warning bells going off anywhere folks?

I believe my father paid cash for the privilage of adopting me. He was a mason, a satanist and a perv too, who should have had a police record a mile long for the violence he brought unto Nova Scotia.

I am not alone in this sick twist of current events that will haunt the Canadian politicians until the truth rears its ugly head.

I can still hold my head high. They on the other hand, are scurrying like the sewage rats and cockroaches that they are.
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