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Default Re: Barbara Hartwell Part 3: The Jane Fonda Legacy

George_Bush wrote:
Say, 'Barbs'...

Remember in Eyes Wide know in that ackward moment after the Illuminati get done fornicating in their Sex/Death/Mask ritual, and then one of them sees Tom Cruise...

And their all like 'Wait a Minute! His blue robe ain't the right colour , he must be an imposter!

And then they all gather together and give him the silent staredown treatment...

And then the High Priest dude tells everybody sanctity has been violated and somebody's got to get sacrificed...

And then that one chic says, 'Ok, I guess I'll get sacrificed...' and then they all go home and every thing is groovy cool?

Remember that, Barbs?

Yeah, this is kind of like that...
Really? THIS is just like that. They all go home and everything is groovy cool. In your eyes maybe because this is what you want to see, but this is not what will be the end-result.

I would definitely say without a doubt that if this is what you think you are truly DELUSIONAL.

If you think that THIS will be forgotten, everyone will go home and it will all be groovy cool, I can tell you with 100% absolute certainty, that THIS will not be the case.

In Peace,
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