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Default Re: Barbara Hartwell Part 3: The Jane Fonda Legacy


George_Bush begins the mission with a song title, "You Light up My Life."

I answer with my reply that includes two songs by Springsteen; "The Light of Day" and "Long Time Comin."

An example of being programmed to react (non-reactive at present) to songs and/or answer back in verse/songs.

He replies that I am a BIG, FAT, LIAR regarding my first response to him.

Before I can respond to Big, fat, liar, he posts another comment directly under it purposely, to Barbara Hartwell that states something like:

"We are awaiting your information."

"Meet us at the Lodge"

and then a DYLAN song title, "Times They are a Changin."

What BUSH is trying to get is for me to give him information that what I've said on this forum is a big, fat, lie with the "we are awaiting your information."

Meet us at the Lodge is code.

It isn't a LIE. So, I don't respond to it.

He comments again regarding the "Eyes Wide Open" movie and how after the sacrifice everything is groovy just like THIS and they all go home.

This is a SUGGESTION to me. To just forget about my past and not to proceed further.

It's obvious this is directed at me, but he masks it by pretending he is speaking to Barbara Hartwell.

I assume in the end since he posted what her role was with the CIA; disinformation agent, etc., that HE/THEY would like me to say that I am Barbara Hartwell.

How this would benefit them, I have no clue other then he has speculated she is a disinformation agent.

Obviously, I'm not Hartwell and, even if I said I was, it can be proven that I'm not.

In Peace,
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