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Default Re: People are dieing, and we are almost oblivious

BlueAngel wrote:

The present is unfolding very nicely.

In Peace,
From what perspective?

From an enlightened perspective, life unfolds with such BEAUTY. A beauty ineffable.

But from a human perspective, peoples common realities are unfolding in a random manner, and many, many people are suffering.

There was a great temple in which all life secrets were kept.
One evening, a kind monk was allowed, in an unprecedented accolade of honour, to enter the temple and examine the jars in which all Life’s secrets were kept.
When he entered the temple, he saw the title 'reality' ornately scrolled into a beautiful pedestal of obsidian, amethyst and sapphire. On the pedestal there were two pots.
On the one pot there was scrolled 'Life and Love'. When he opened this pot, a light peeled through the openings of the lid, so strong, he immediately closed the lid. Although shaken, he felt magnificent in a euphoric state and an ineffable feeling of balance and purity.
He went to the second pot that was inscrolled 'death, suffrage and corruption'.
When he reluctantly lifted the lid, he was surprised by what he saw - because this pot was empty.

From this he had overcome all death, suffering and corruption. The pot that everyone fears is empty. He knew that there is only one thing eternal and one thing real, and that is Life.

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