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Default Re: operation blue angel

55132 wrote:
blue aNGEL IS NOT ONE PERSON BUT A GROUP OF VERY INTELIGENT OPERATIVES WHO are under contratct to SEEK and DESTROY SITES LIKE THIS. they are paid by the pentagon. all they do is prevent inleigent conversation while gathering ineligence they block sites just by sheer number of imbecile postings

DO NOT reply just ignore most of there conversation is just pure nothing.

Are you kidding me?? The Devil was a failure, George_Bush was a failure, IGWT, RedRat, who else am I forgetting?

So, in comes 55132. Hasn't posted here in how long?

And, who responds to him? George_Bush and The Devil.

They are so DESPERATE, they are so obvious that they most certainly must be DELUSIONAL as well.

Those who destroy this site are the very posters who say that I and others are.

Intelligent conversation from whom?

THE DEVIL? Oh, yes, can't get more intelligent than that.

B*itch and C*unt are his favorite words.

And, George_Bush. Oh, yes, on the site talking to Barbara Hartwell, or so he thinks.

Go away, 55132, or 55886, whatever your number is.

You're just another dead RAT to add to the pile.

I make my living operating my own business.

The government abused myself and thousands of others maybe more in mind control programs. I'm here writing about it and you say I'm disrupting.

I'm disrupting no one!

You are disrupting and OUT OF ORDER!

And, by the way. THEY DIDN'T PAY ME FOR IT then and they're not paying me for it now.

People like to come here and read. And it is people like you who post garbage.

In Peace,

P.S. You know nothing about me except for the fact as you've stated that I am highly intelligent.

P.P.S. People are READING what I'm writing and for the most part they have no reason to reply because it isn't something they would know about unless they were incarcerated in a "satanic cult" as well.

And, what? They're going to listen to you!!!
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