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Default Re: I Forgot to Add:

BlueAngel wrote:
IGWT is stringing together comments I've made on different threads and quoting me out of context.



In Peace,
igwt wrote:
BlueAngel wrote:
Let's not forget RedRat's repetition regarding Anna Nicole's death and her son's death.

He supposedly posted a warning to her on this site in September, 06.

Don't mess with Illuminati money.

He provided context that appeared to be a quote from her dead husband which was a warning.

When I pressed him. He said, he was the person who posted the warning on this site.

Did you think she Anna Nicole would come to this site and read your warning? I asked him.

I didn't receive an answer from RedRat, but The Devil replied YES.

Are they one in the same?

So, who was RedRat warning? He knew I would be on this site and knew Anna Nicole wouldn't.

His message TO ME on this thread regarding Anna Nicole's death was, "Now do you doubt me?"

I responded and quoted him. After I posted my comment, he had edited his original post and the question "Now do you doubt me?" had been changed.

I'm not married to oil money and I have no plans on sueing anyone for monetary gain.

Let's also remember the SCRIPTED "black boxes" in cars thread.

The "FATAL CRASH" message meant for my eyes only and the comment by IGWT, "Think Diana."

In Peace,


Think Diana
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