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Default The question

Hello, Philip, and welcome! A “pro”, at last!

I have a question for you that I’ve also put to the others members of this forum. I hope to get at least from you a relevant answer, if you are so kind.

Whereto is it all leading us? What good is to know so much about a conspiracy against which you can’t do so little? Isn’t this knowledge itself becoming an addictive maze, like a drug? Isn’t this mere stuff of which conspiracy is made?

Well, it seems to be more than one question, but if you look closely, there’s only one.

I know you can call it a private matter, can’t you; “it’s a free world, it is my personal free choice to do that; it’s not your business why I do it; if you don’t like it, do something else and don’t bug me!” No, really, I realize that is a deep and personal question and I apologise for putting it; don’t answer it, if you don’t feel like it; but to me is very challenging to ask myself and others from time to time why one does a thing, is this the thing one should do, is it right to do it and so on. When you’re engrossed in an interesting activity you may risk to miss even the sought point itself. And it resembles too much with the hellish dialectics and paradoxes of conspiracy!

Please, excuse me if I sound too “ultimate”.

I also beg you not to give me some kind of an explanation as for beginners, like “the more we know about it, the more are we prepared” or “the more people are aware, the less are chances to manipulate them”, because I don’t buy it anymore. I know we are as ignorant as can be, in the middle of the “age of information”. The school, the media, the society, almost everything seems to be set to “dumb down”. However, the reactions of “informed” people are two: some of them (maybe even most of them) simply don’t want to know – they feel happy as they are, and the rest are amazed of “revelation”, but still don’t have a clue about what to do next (if there be something to be done). I’ve left out, of course, those who will never find out about the situation – and these may be the majority.

I am not a “defeatist”. I simply question a way.

Try not to answer me immediately with an already prepared answer, if I don’t ask you too much. Please, try to meditate on it a little before answering me.

As you’ve already guessed from my tone, I fancy myself as already having the answer and the solution, but I would like very much to hear yours, because you’re the first real “theorist” I’ve encountered.

Thank you, good bye and, if you choose not to reply me, I wish you all the luck in the world!
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