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Default Hitler Was A Nice Guy...And Pagan.

I am a bit of a Hitler buff.

For real insights into Hitlers thinking read "Hitlers Table Talk" by respected historian Hugh Trever Roper.

A stenographer was present at evening meals and other meetings to record the banter. Absoloutly fascinating.

Hitler was indeed a Pagan but more specifically his talk was that of the 'Illuminist'.

He talks the Illuminati talk and walks the Illuminati walk though he had an absoloute fascination with European Royalty and was an ABSOLOUTE Anglophile. He L-O-V-E-D England and all she stood for.

He considered Christianity would "wither on the vine" after the war and society slipped into the National Socialist agenda.

Goebels was VERY busy chasing the chaplains from the German army and Hitler constantly wined about his Generals and their "moral/religious scruples".

Hitler was indeed a chamer and loved by all who new him personally...except those who disagreed with him.

For another fascinating insight get a hold of "Blindspot" an interview with Trudle Junge his secretery from late '42 onwards. Available on DVD. (I have it but have no web space to post it).

She describes him as gentle and quietly spoken. Charming. She states he NEVER talked like he did in his speeches.


Though the history of WW2 has yet to be written, lets not pretend he was nice. He was a servent of the omniscent State and a mass murderer.

I'm sure 'W' throws a great barbecue and is real friendly like.

Thats the point of the State and why it's so dangerous. It's far removed from it's actions and is capable of the most callous and cruel actions.

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