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Default The Power of the Subconscious Mind


Should not be underestimated nor should the power of HYPNOSIS in accessing the subconscious mind, especially when one is the subject of a mind control program.

During hypnosis, one is placed in an altered state of consciousness. Their subconscious mind is brought to the forefront where certain codes, commands and triggers are installed, embedded and implanted. This is a highly suggestive state of mind.

They might say when you hear this particular song you will feel this way; when you hear this particular phrase, you will recall this; when you hear this phrase and this command you will report the following.

Repetition is a factor, as well. When you hear this sound; when you hear this tone; and they will be repeated under hypnosis until the subject responds in the way that their handlers/controllers desire.

In this way, a mind control victim is never in control of their own thoughts/actions and behavior when incarcerated in the "cult."

Even when consciously going through day to day activities, there are a myriad of triggers that can cause a mind control victim to be placed in an altered state of consciousness and be unaware of it.

These triggers reach the subconscious mind unknowingly through the conscious mind.

So, the George_Bush FAILED operation is an example of this.

He was looking to place me in an altered state of consciousness with the song, "You light up my life."

I was programmed to alter change with songs.

He then called me a "big, fat, liar."

"Big, fat liar" was a suggestion.

"Meet me at the Lodge" was a trigger.

"We await your detailed information" was a command.

He was looking for me to call MYSELF a big, fat, liar regarding what I have reported about my incarceration in MKULTRA/Project Monarch and, in particular, being used in the Music Industry as a sex slave.

In Peace,

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