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Default Re: Canadian corruption in Nova Scotia

Never mind, Thumper.

Maybe Rush thinks people like me should keep their mouths shut about the corruption that flourishes, un-checked, here in Nova Scotia.

It's quite amazing to myself for him to post such a response when the stakes are so high and the corruption runs so deep.

Rush - sticks and stones mate.

Why not try a little logic and reason? It might aid your cause...

P.S. I have harboured a sneaking suspicion that Rush is from my neck of the woods - I also could be completely wrong. I wonder if I could outing anyone he knows??? Just a thought that crossed my mind. He's had a hate on for me since he hit this site. I seem to remember him showing up after I told the locals on the radio to go to henry's site and clubconspiracy. All government here listen to that show - this I know. It's a controlled "open" phone in to let the government know what the poeple know. That's its purpose.

But then again, maybe Rush just doesn't like the cut of my cloth. I can live with that too. His opinion or responses to me do not have any effect on my life. Let's be honest.

Now these government jack-asses - they can and have had an effect on my life. Not the arsewipes listed above but the insurance tentacle of this beast of corruption called Nova Scotian politically correct fcuking of a provincial peoples containing the largest black population within one province...complete corruption with a systemically racist media, governed by systemic racists - a clear sign and red flag of ignorance.

It's about time I wrote Tom's story - the slaying of a black man by ATV Atlantic Tunnel Vision. Did miss Chu keep a secret diary on the only black technical employee east of montreal, as directed by the company???

Miss Chu - what did you do?
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