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55132 wrote:
the problem is that these blue angel operatives don't know that they are still very much under control of their handlers. so they come in stating that they are free when in fact they have become usefull idots to their masters.

just take a look at the post for the most part it just repetition or lame seudo truth blah blah no substanace nor any intent.

they post like crazy because they have been programed to spam these sites with junk comments

so dissregard anything they say don't answer back no matter what and there usefulness will be moot.

The problem is that I'M NOT under the control of anyone.

SO, what, now you know me?

You know that I was a mind control victim and under the control of handlers.

Or, you believe what I'm writing, but don't want anyone to pay attention to it anyway.

I think that would be the definition of CONTRADICTORY.

Please, tell us more.

There isn't any SPAM on my part.

Ah, have you checked out IGWT's posts?

And, what would you call those?

Intelligent comments?

No one has to answer any of my posts.


Gee, I wonder why?

You and your FRIENDS don't seem to get it.

So, let me reiterate.

It doesn't matter WHAT YOU THINK or what anyone who reads my posts thinks.

It doesn't matter if you answer back or not.

It's been stated, PAST AND PRESENT.

In Peace,
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