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Default Re: People are dieing, and we are almost oblivious

LaDominio wrote:
BlueAngel wrote:
Whose perspective do you think I would be speaking about?


I have no interest in your perspective.

In Peace,
An enlightened perspective. I even typed it out as to lessen the chance of you being confounded in this simple matter.

You have much interest in a perspective of frivolities and goose chasing that you take all too seriously.

It should change. But the more I learn of ĎAmericaí, the more I see how well those people are regulated.

Did you know they use partially hydrogenated soybean oil in some American candy? Itís blatant poisoning.
In my country they donít do this.
What I'm writing about is frivolous?

Well, LaDomino, that speaks volumes about who and what you are.

Really? LaDomino, blatant poisoning?

And, you insert this in your comment for what reason?

Just a tidbit of information you think I should know.

Like I don't that our FOOD and WATER supply is tainted.

Like I haven't written about this.

Tell ME SOMETHING I don't know.

In Peace,
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