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Default Re: U2 Bono Backing Venezuela-Invasion Video Game

LaDominio wrote:
BlueAngel wrote:
You are the paradox that is why you cannot see it.

What is your useful purpose on the forum?

Was it to talk about entities that control the Illuminati and can glide across a room?

That gave you away, my dear.

Pack up your marbles and go home.

In Peace,
What is purpose?

Maybe some here learn from what I say, and that would be a good.

Explain this paradox you speak of.
Or are you speaking from a place imaginary?
There isn't anyone on this forum learning anything from what you write.

However, they're learning from what I write.

I don't have to EXPLAIN anything to you. I don't have the time or the desire.

You love that word IMAGINE, don't you?

Not the first time you brought it up.

Oh, yes, in the beginning of your posting here soon after I ARRIVED, you were referencing some IMAGINARY friend you said I had in the past.

Imagine that!

In Peace,
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