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Default Re: U2 Bono Backing Venezuela-Invasion Video Game

LaDominio wrote:
BlueAngel wrote:
There isn't anyone on this forum learning anything from what you write.

However, they're learning from what I write.
That is a truly arrogant and (if I say so myself - and Iím sure almost anyone who reads such a remark would agree) a pathetic thing to say. You could not possibly know if your statement is true or false and whatís left is just your opinion.
Oh, my goodness. Anyone who reads MY remark will think it's ARROGANT.


Now, do this, LaDomino.

Please go back to all the comments made AT ME by other posters and let's list the truly ARROGANT and PATHETIC comments that have been made on this forum.

Let's list to WHOM they have been made?

And, let's also LIST THE REASON why.

Can you come up with one?

I'm sure it's obvious to most who read here and don't post.

Also, don't forget to include the threats, the reference to my lacerated vagina.

Or, the bit*ch and C*unt references.

Or, your reference to IGWT humping my leg.

In Peace,
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