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Do you think some of the posters here want me to believe that I'm the abusive one?

Do you think some of the posters here want me to believe that I'm the crazy one?

Kind of mimics the ole' days when I was incarcerated in MKULTRA/Project Monarch and used in the Music Industry as a sex slave.

They weren't abusive or crazy, I was.

What else can they say?


Yes, I just woke up one morning and decided I would imagine that I was the victim of a mind control program and I would write about it. Exposing their tactics and the intelligence/knowledge I have regarding military and government.

Yes, it all just came to me out of the BLUE.

Is it any wonder why these particular posters to whom I refer never comment on mind control programs.

The answer is a resounding NO!

This is a conspiracy forum. Mind control programs are public knowledge to a certain degree and they have nothing to say about this particular topic other than I'm delusional, I'm crazy, I'm paranoid, you're imagining it, you're a big, fat, liar.

Then the covert threats: FATAL CRASH, children should be in hiding, Think Diana, poisoned food and water, etc., etc., etc.

Why are they here?

We know the answer.

These particular posters want to SPAM whatever I write. Want to have dialogue with me for some reason that has nothing to do with Mind Control within the Music Industry.

They have nothing positive to add other than to use derrogatory words to describe me.

And, you think CC should be monitored.

As I said before and I will state again.

Exposure and extraction.

Two very fine art forms, indeed.

I'm here to write. I never indicated I wanted diaglogue with any of those who constantly find it necessary to attempt to communicate with me only so that they can leave "messges" within comments for my eyes only.

It's called reading between the lines. This I am capable of doing, pointing it out and much more.

I have been provided the opportunity to write in this "safe place" and YOU will not INTERFERE with my OBJECTIVE here or otherwise.

In Peace,
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