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spectre wrote:
BlueAngel, I absolutely agree that (assuming the private messages shared are real) others are far higher in the ladder of inappropriate behavior than you are. I didn't mean to sound as though I was isolating you from certain other individuals. I'd even encourage you to censor some of the more foul words used by these individuals and file complaints accordingly. Nobody deserves to be spoken to in that manner. The fact is that if this site remains unmoderated it will obviously continue to be abused. It is difficult to find individuals who have the time and lack the ego to appropriately manage a site like this one. Complaints submitted by myself in the past have been dealt with but it is unclear who did what and how, etc.
Excuse me, Spectre, but my behavior here IS NOT inappropriate.

Memory serves me correctly, Spectre. I was advised by you that you filed a FORMAL complaint against me for what I am posting on this forum.

What happened?

Am I still here? Obviously, I am.

Now, Spectre, why then did you not file a formal complaint against The Devil and anyone else who does nothing here but SPAM, and/or make derrogatory comments about me?


We know why Spectre. Because you have also demonstrated that you feel the same way about me and I'm sure you have no problem with the language used and/or being directed at me.

Flip flopper.

You can't be both the GOOD and BAD guy at the same time.

Pick one.

Get off the fence.

In Peace,
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