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Default Re: TAKE NOTE


George_Bush referring to me as Barbra, Barbs.

Shadow referring to me as BABS!

Possible altered state of consciousness triggers or a possible alter that no longer exists.

Shadow's posting of Carry On, out of context in SeC's post.

Military terms. At ease, as you were, carry on. Carry on was used alot on my past handler/controller's website.

Possibly an attempt to bring me back to a past state of mind that would not include my present recall.

Remember, my enslavement involved military training/intelligence of which I was not to devulge and, of which I have. The reason I was called a traitor, having committed treason and tortured.

Again, some secrets are not better kept from the public.

I was sworn to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of Amercia and if that meant for THEM, I would not. If it was for my country and her citizens, I did so and am still doing so and will continue to do so.

Of note, as well, RedRat's message, "See you in a few months, BA." WE WILL WIN!!

To RedRat, I will look the other way. And, his sadistic behavior when he thought he was harrassing me.

*kicks back pours another beer,* he stated.

In Peace,
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